Helmet’s that Saved and Changed Someone’s Life

You will never understand the value of a helmet until you have a first-have experience in a road accident. The head is the body engine and without it, you are as good as dead. These are the words of a motorcycle accident survivor in Arizona. As he was busy up and about one evening after work. He decided to take his bike and just drive to appreciate nature and he was home alone. He knew he was just biking within the neighborhood and he did not see the need for a helmet. While leaving the home, the kids saw him and just as kids are always curious about their parents. The elder one asked him, “Daddy, where are you going” and of course he replied. I am just within the neighborhood. The younger one did not hesitate he just tool one of the bullet-resistant helmets and shouted at him. Daddy, you have forgotten your helmet. He saw him through the side mirror. Although he did not want to wear a helmet on that day, he did not want to disappoint the son. He took it and wore it.

This was the savior…

for the day. As he rode a few kilometers he met his neighbors and opted to race on the road. Little did they know there was a protest over insecurity in the area? Before they could turn back, they were engulfed in the middle of protesters. In a bid to show solidarity they joined the “peaceful demonstration” to the security offices. The decision of the mass is dangerous at times. The police were furious and started shooting in the air to scare the protesters. Imagine these two buddies in the middle of this mix. Things happened so fast and he could not control the bike amidst the crowd. He fell on the ground and the stampede almost rendered him physically challenged. Imagine is he dismissed his son over the issue of the military helmets bulletproof? There are three main benefits of a helmet.

Protects the head against injuries

A helmet is made of an inner lining which gives you comfortable using the smooth cushion while on the outside it is made of hard plastic such that anytime you are on impact with an object it just slides keeping your head intact.

It’s Bulletproof

The hard plastic is bulletproof. In case you are caught by a stray bullet while biking then be sure of maximum head protection; although there are also specific helmets for the military personnel with additional features.

Protects you against adverse weather conditions

Biking is only fun when you are also comfortable and relaxed. When you are biking against strong winds, without the helmet then you may have the worst biking experience. Also, your eyes are visible yet protected against insects that might cause harm to your eye.

Enhances visibility hence preventing accidents

As long as you can see well then you will be careful with other road users. Moreover, the reflecting nature of the helmets enhances your visibility to other road users too enhancing safety on the road.

A helmet is not an option as a protective gear, no wonder in some countries it is a policy to have it anytime you are on the road.