The Journey Of Knowing Thyself

This blog will help you know yourself to help you boost your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Ways of having a better life

Always be grateful

Have the right attitude

Listen to your emotions

Stick to a routine

Grow up when you have to

Never procrastinate

Who We Are

My name is Kristen I. Berger, the founder of this blog. For a long time, I have been having issues with my workplaces to an extent I thought people do not like me for some reason.

When you appreciate the little things about your life, you have full control of what happens within you.

There is nothing good like knowing yourself and understanding your body signals. Knowing yourself means taking charge of your life, including abilities, achievements, weaknesses, and strengths

When also positive to take full control of your thoughts is the journey to knowing yourself better.

It also supports your emotional well being such that you become socially fit. Once you understand your mental capabilities, you can take charge of your life.

The journey of knowing you start with what you think about yourself. When you live in self-pity, you tend to look at the negative side of life.

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