About Us

About The Founder

Kristen I. Berger

My name is Kristen I. Berger, the founder of this blog. For a long time, I have been having issues with my workplaces to an extent I thought people do not like me for some reason.

Little did I know that the problem was with me? When I lost my dream job, that was the turning point.

It took me a week to become myself. I almost went into depression, but thanks to my able counselor, who took me through the journey of knowing myself.

I lost my family to divorce along the way. This life experience drove me to want to give people a chance to have a better understanding of themselves before they make serious mistakes in their lives.

That is the brainchild of this blog.


Our mission is to educate, empower and equip the public with knowledge on how to understand themselves.

We want to have a socially fit society where people accommodate each other despite their differences.

Our Vision

We want to have a complete and friendly society where people take charge of their emotions and actions without blaming others.

We want to reduce mental illness cases through a self-discovery journey without reaching the extreme extent where someone has to rely on conventional medicine to treat simple mental diseases.