Said Dagdeviren is a blog that talks about the journey of knowing thyself. Most of us will say, I know who Am I, but do you really know who you are? You’re the only one who can answer that question in the most honest way. Once you know the answer, it is one of the satisfying feelings that you will ever have.

This website will inspire you to discover yourself. Take a chance to know what you really want, no matter how busy you are because you will find the real happiness by doing something you love. We will help and motivate you to be someone that you’ve dreamed of. The reason why I created this website is because I want to share my experiences that let me open the window to myself and I can see that lots of people are not happy with what they’ve become even though they are at the peak of their career.

Let’s help each other to answer your questions in life and be who you want to be.