A wood worker’s purpose in life depends on which stage of his career he’s in. When starting out, an amateur actually can’t work with wood very well. This is natural, given that wood is a tough material which is much harder to work with than, say, paper. Novice woodworkers struggle to make objects which are beautiful or useful. The things they make aren’t sturdy enough to be used on a daily basis. As such, it is futile and counterproductive for a woodworker to base his purpose and worth on the things he makes. At this stage of the learning curve, one should focus on improving their core ability at woodworking by learning how to operate several widely used to machines and learning the tricks of the trade. A novice wood worker’s purpose, then, is to learn as much as he can and work on improving his craft.


Once a person’s ability at working with wood reaches a level which can be considered professional, their purpose in life should be the same as that of other skilled working professionals. Across many wide-ranging fields, many of the top-performing employees always make it a point to work with dedication. Their purpose is to work as hard as they can and strive to be the most productive person at the workplace. Hard workers are motivated by the fact that they want to add value to the world and make it a better place for everyone. This purpose of life is suitable to be adopted by woodworkers as well. Woodworkers should realize that the things which they make out of wood have the potential to improve people’s lives. The beauty and utility of crafted goods are something which everyone appreciates.

Also, many woodworkers started out working with wood directly but have progressed into the field of making tools that make it easy for others to work with wood. In such an engineering role, a person’s purpose should be to help in devising new machinery which is more efficient and works faster. They should strive to make tools which are even better than even the best ones from DeWalt. While this won’t be possible right away, improving the design of the machine iteratively should eventually lead to a point where it’s a good product which can find broad mass-market appeal.

9f73b88948ad2f09b01d02f4234900e8Engineers arguably do the most important work in the field of woodworking. Though they don’t cut and shape wood into useful items and furniture themselves, their work enables thousands of others to do their job faster and improve their productivity. This has the direct effect of increasing the number of items produced by woodworkers which result in more happy customers.

The last type of woodworkers I would like to talk about is the master woodworkers. These are the people who have worked with wood throughout their entire lives. Their experience and opinions are an invaluable insight into the world of woodworking and the common issues which woodworkers face. These esteemed professionals are in highly respected positions and hold great significance. They should make it their purpose in life to use their clout and insight to improve the world of woodworking and ensure that the common issues affecting workers in the wood industries get addressed.