C8qrLpZXkAAbDaDMotorbikes are a popular mode of transportation these days. They’re much lighter and more maneuverable than cars. They are also much more fuel efficient due to their lower weight. This means that bikes need a fraction of the fuel that cars need to get from place to place. There’s also the matter of price. Besides savings on fuel consumption, one also saves big bucks when choosing a bike over a car. Motorcycles are cheaper to manufacture and maintain because fewer materials and metals are required to build them. Occasionally, even people who can afford a car choose motorbikes instead since expensive bikes are much faster and sportier than normal cars.

While the wider adoption of motorcycles is great from a traffic and fuel consumption standpoint, one thing which still remains a concern for motorcyclists is safety. In a car, you have the four sides and a crumple zone on the front to protect you in the event of an accident. However, in the case of a motorcycle, you’re left exposed. That’s why it’s so important to wear protective gear that can shield you and protect you in the event of a mishap. An integral part of the safety gear which every motorbike rider should own is the helmet. The helmet protects the most vital part of your body: the brain.b28a47d5fb71bb83e4dcfd184ca9a795

It is said that the brain makes people who they are. It’s the part of the body which is responsible controlling our personality and allowing us to remember the events which shaped us. Any damage to the brain can lead to a host of complications. It could cause severe impairments that can affect a person’s ability to accomplish simple, everyday tasks. It could also lead to partial or complete memory loss where a person forgets all the people and events of his life. Even paralysis, which is one of the worst outcomes of brain damage, is possible. When paralyzed, a person loses control of their motor skills and can’t move or communicate.

The amazing thing about the helmet is that it can prevent all these negative outcomes of an accident. It protects your head to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. This, in turn, ensures that the frightening conditions described in the previous paragraph don’t ever become a reality for you.  Helmets protect your head by surrounding lazerit with a thick layer of shock absorbing material. This material dissipates any kind of impact force throughout the helmet, reducing the strength of the collision and allowing only a minimal amount of force to hit your head. The padded material is then covered with a hard shell of ABS plastic that shields against any minor impacts and stands as an extra layer of protection. The amazing capability of helmets to save a person’s life can only be described as helmet heroics. Helmets are a prime example of how good engineering can improve safety. If you’re a bike rider yourself, I strongly urge you to get a good helmet. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a really good one if you search for one at a site like https://helmetheroics.com/best-motorcycle-helmets/.