Owning a limousine is everyone’s dream. The automobile is considered a vehicle for the high and mighty. Owning one means brushing shoulders with professionals and successful entrepreneurs in the society. Rent or own a limousine is something to be happy for. The fact that I own a limousine means my financial capability is superb. I can afford to maintain it and ride it without thinking of any financial implications. When I own a limousine, I will use it for various purposes.


Limousine Hires Service

A limousine is a machine, which is marketable for car hire businesses. I will take advantage of the craze and hire it out for functions and events like weddings, anniversary among other celebrations at a good price. On it, I will have a sticker to with my business brand and contacts in case there are any guests who may want the services of a limousine. I will price it fairly to ensure I get business for it throughout all seasons.


Attend Events and Functions

When the car is not for hire, I will personally use it to attend functions. It calls for attention and proper treatment, which I love. I use the opportunity to advertise limousine hire services. The market might be overwhelming for a single car. The proceeds I get from the business, I ensure I save and buy another limousine. This will be the beginning of a limousine hire services business. I will diverse it to offer other types of cars based on the market demand.


Opening a Facebook Page

The social media is there to communicate and let people know what is happening in our lives.  I will place photos of my limousine in all my social media pages. My circle of friends will become my first customers to take a ride and even hire it at a fee. The photos will be varied from me being inside and riding it, to the vehicle itself with captions to prove am the owner. It is natural for one to floss his limousine especially when your followers lack any.


Sign Contracts with Car Hire Businesses

Small and micro enterprises in the car hire companies do not have the financial strength to purchase a limousine. This is a gap I will fill by signing contracts with them to hire services of the limousines for their clients. Being in the business, they stand a better chance to get regular customers compared to me advertising on my own. I use this as a stepping-stone to market and build my own limousine hire business.

A limousine is not a machine to use for all errands. It will be a machine for specific purposes. Days I am not using it, I park it in a strategic place where my target audience visit like malls, banking halls, blue chip companies parking lots, conferences and trade fair with all my details, in case one want to hire the service.

Owning a limousine is a prestigious move that calls for respect among your peers. I will take advantage of the fame and create a business empire in the global history.

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