Global Positioning System (GPS) is a concept to locate you using navigation gadgets. This is technology designed in the recent past. Our forefathers used different ways to find their way. Although it was cumbersome and time-consuming, it still served the purpose. Use of GPS has made things easier and accessible, but there are areas where they still have no access to the GPS gadgets because of the remoteness of the area and inaccessible internet connection which most of their gadgets required. Look at developing countries; they are still embracing technology, which has not taken roots in their hinterlands.

Use of maps

When taking a ride to a foreign land, ask help from GPS for your travel to ensure you visit the local administrative offices and get a map of the area. They are detailed with all landmarks and social amenities available in the area. The topographical maps are the best option because they are comprehensive and detailed.
• They are detailed and comprehensive
• They indicate direction and bearing
• Provide all the necessary information and symbols in a key
• They have a scale for measurements of the distances you intend to cover.
• It is accurate
• You require map reading skills to use it
• It does not provide the weather conditions at any time instead a general climatic condition
• It does not provide minute services like guest houses and petrol stations

Compass Direction
The compass direction provides the direction of where you are. It is not an effective method when used single handedly but you have to have a map to guide you in the best direction. The compass direction has the magnetic North. As long as you have prior knowledge of its use, you can locate the place in form of direction and the angle of bearing. You use that with a map to locate where you are. On time, you use weather components like the morning star, position of the midday sun and the moon to estimate the time.
• It provides direction using compass direction

• Prior mapping knowledge is required
• Mathematical calculations are also required
• You cannot estimate the exact date and time especially if you have moved to different time zones.
• It is cumbersome and tiresome

Search Engines

You can use your phone to locate your position. All you need is key in your address, then type the route, many routes will come and choose the right one based on our location and you are good to go. GPS is the best travel guide invented in this world.

• It is faster
• It is easy to use even novices
• It is simple and less complex
• It requires internet connection for it to work
• It is not ideal for hinterlands and remote areas.

Other methods include the use of a pendulum clock, telescope, and chronometer. The only disadvantage of all of these, you cannot state the accurate time and date. They only locate the place. They were the traditional navigation methods used by the military during war times. GPS has more advantages; the main reason it is widely used and incorporated in smartphones as applications.


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